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March 24, 2010
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News and Info
iWasteNot Systems announces the launch of in Davis, a virtual farmers' market that quickly and easily connects buyers and sellers with local food and other farmers market items. is modeled after Maryland's successful website In New York we host the NYFoodtrader. Visit their food and agtrader sites to see what's happening on the other side of the country.

To support our local food infrastructure and increase nutritious food to the needy:

1)Provide growers and producers with a free, quick, and easy tool to market and network directly to consumers and traders on their food items and farmers' market products.

2)Provide consumers (food banks or individuals) and traders (organizations, charities, and donation centers) better access to locally grown agricultural products.

3) To develop a web-based tool that continuously adapts to the needs of its members. Send us your feedback.

This site is an online venue to let the general public know when food is harvested, how much is available, and where it can be purchased. This includes your backyard fruit trees.

Growers can create an instantaneous listing that will describe their locally grown product, and state the quantity, price, and location of their items. Consumers can search listings within specific categories and communicate directly with the grower to buy the food at the farm, at a farmers' market, or at another prearranged location.

Growers & Food Producers
Post items "Available" for purchase, "Wanted", and "Free" food donation items.

Food Donation Charities
Post "Wanted" and "Free" food donation listings.

Post "Wanted" for purchase listings and offer "Free" food donation listings.


This website will act as a marketplace, all transactions are the responsibility of the buyer and seller. The website is dynamic and allows traders to quickly register and then post anytime without filling out any forms. Pricing and delivery are left up to buyer and seller to work out on their own. Users cannot purchase items directly through this site; they must contact the producer who posted the item to work out pricing and delivery. The site will be monitored and maintained by the staff. All information is kept private.
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